Nice to meet you !!
This is introduction of "Ragdoll Site-Beautiful Life With Ragdoll"
by Kyoto Rags

Nice to meet you !!

Thank you very much for coming to see "Ragdoll Site"!
"Who is Ashley ?"  With it may be to there be a question.  Let me introduce you to me and this page.

My home is in Shiga Prefecture near the city of Kyoto.  It belong to Kansai Area, which is located in the western part of Japan's mainland.  My neighborhood is a very quiet and beautiful place surrounded by Lake Biwa and Mount Hiei.

At present I teach the Japanese language and contemporary Japanese literature at Sundai Yobigakko, one of the leading cramming schools of Japan for students who wish to go on to universities.   I also work as a member of the editorial staff for high school textbooks of the Japanese language.

Ashley is Nickname used on Line.
I used this nickname in Kyoto area before 7/8 years ago,  then I had a hand in TV-game BBS on NIFTY Serve or local online.

Deep impression that meet Ragdoll cats.
A few years ago, there was short hair cat called Pietro who came to play in our neighborhood.   After that, I kept my first Ragdoll Cats household pet called Kyotaro.  Pietro is certainly pretty.   However, I had known that Ragdoll Cats have sweet nature - nice personality, floppy and pampered - is the peculiar character of Ragdoll cats.

Hope I could do something to let people know more about Ragdoll cats.
I will drop on line the growth record of my Ragdoll cats.  It is because I wish I could do something to let people know more about them.  How sweet they are !    It may be fantastic, if many persons are able to submit the happiness, that I was given from Ragdoll cats !

But, Ragdoll cats are still not so popular among Japanese people.  You will be tied to the choice of a major cat.  And you may go to see any kittens in the cages of some pet shops.   It is as I did it so.  I was able to see excellent cats in our house fortunately.  However, all the persons are not able to meet a wonderful cats.  I would like to make the catchword which much people know about Ragdoll cats.  This is why I opened my home page.

Shall we make a network of Ragdoll cats ?
Please remember "Beautiful Life With Ragdoll" is the collection site in Japan of the Ragdoll cats information by Ashley.  I would write as the sauce of information, such that the character of Ragdoll cats is shown in this homepage.

New family
SAKYO, KATSURA, SAGANO, KIRARA, UKYO came in our home from oversea.  Please love them.

Fall in love.
We fall in love for Ragdoll cats !  They are gentle, have floppy factor.   They always hang about our foots, get onto our laps and purr... Now, we are very happy.


Ashley :
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